The salaries of state ministers and MLAs could be increased by up to 50 per cent :Assam NEWS

 ৰাজ্যৰ মন্ত্ৰী-বিধায়কৰ ৫০ শতাংশ পর্যন্ত বৃদ্ধি হ'ব পাৰে দৰমহা

অসম বিধান সভাৰ অধ্যক্ষই গঠন কৰি দিলে কমিটী

অৱসৰপ্ৰাপ্ত অতিৰিক্ত মুখ্য সচিব হিমাংশু শেখৰ দাসৰ অধ্যক্ষতাত গঠন কমিটী

চাৰিজনীয়া কমিটীত সদস্য হিচাপে আছে বিধান সভাৰ প্রাক্তন প্রধান সচিব হেমেন দাস আৰু বিত্ত বিভাগৰ সচিব মালবিকা চৌধুৰী

কমিটীৰ সদস্য সচিব হিচাপে আছে বিধান সভাৰ অতিৰিক্ত সচিব ৰাজীৱ ভট্টাচাৰ্য

কমিটীয়ে এমাহৰ ভিতৰত প্ৰতিবেদন দাখিলৰ পাছতেই বুদ্ধি হ'ব পাৰে দৰমহা

  • The salaries of state ministers and MLAs could be increased by up to 50 per cent
  • The Speaker of the Assam Legislative Assembly formed the committee
  • The committee was chaired by retired Additional Chief Secretary Himanshu Shekhar Das
  • The four-member committee includes former Principal Secretary to the Assembly Hemen Das and Finance Secretary Malvika Chowdhury
  • Additional Secretary to the Assembly Rajiv Bhattacharya is the member secretary of the committee
  • The committee will submit its report within a month

In recent developments, several Indian states have moved forward with legislation to significantly increase the salaries of their state ministers and MLAs. For example, the Karnataka Legislative Assembly has passed bills to hike the salaries of the Chief Minister, ministers, and MLAs by 50%. This adjustment addresses the rising cost of living and includes increases in various allowances and benefits such as house rent and travel allowances​ (Hindustan Times) ​​ (India Today)​.

Similarly, Assam has also approved a salary raise for its MLAs, with their monthly salaries reaching up to Rs 1 lakh to 2 Lakh. This increase aims to ensure that the legislators' compensation remains commensurate with their responsibilities and the inflationary trends affecting the cost of living​ (Hindustan Times)​.

These changes reflect broader trends across multiple states to update and standardize the remuneration packages for elected officials, ensuring that they are adequately compensated for their roles and responsibilities in governance.

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